Casappa Offers Wide Range of Gear or Piston Pumps and Motors!

Fluid Power – Hydraulic Gear or Piston Pumps and Motors!

Casappa offers a wide range of gear or piston pumps and motors and filters.

Many functions, such as valves and controls, are directly incorporated in the products in order to optimize space and costs for the system.

With our products you can choose standard configurations and multiple combinations or assign us with the personalized development of a specific application.

In addition, we develop solutions that make it possible to obtain hydraulic systems, such as, for example, the operation of a cooling fan in combustion engines.

Aluminium body hydraulic gear pumps and motors
Cast iron body hydraulic gear pumps and motors


Passion, specialization and development: Casappa’s first 60 years

Constant evolution and passion for hydraulics! This has been the key to turning the Casappa of 1952, a manufacturer of hydraulic pumps into today’s business enterprise. Finrel is the financial holding company owned by the Casappa family, and has direct control over 9 subsidiary companies, and it is also a stake holder of Walvoil, with its related companies operating in the same line of business.

Thanks to the services and skills of its workforce and to investments made in research and development, Casappa is able to design and produce the main hydraulic components for applications in various sectors: construction, industrial vehicles, material handling, agriculture and industry. Besides the supply of standard products, Casappa has chosen to maintain the flexibility required for ad hoc projects, including in small quantities; it is well aware of the importance of being able to closely follow its customers and find timely solutions to their various needs, all of which represents a real stimulus for technological innovation.

Having received ISO certification from the British Standard Institution in 1994, Casappa has subsequently obtained Standard ISO 9001:2008 certification, further proof of the quality and professionalism that has always characterized its operations.

Via Balestrieri, 1
43044 Lemignano di Collecchio
Parma – (ITALY)

Company with a sole shareholder
Share Capital Euro 5.000.000 fully paid up
Company under control of FINREL S.p.A.
Company Register of Parma
/ Tax ID. nr. / Vat nr. 00717660344

Ph.:  +39-0521-304111
Fax: +39-0521-804600

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