X20 pumps now feature enhanced pressure controls

The open-circuit piston pumps in Eaton’s X20 portfolio now have inverse proportional pressure control and remote pressure control options for improved system efficiency in all types of on- and off-highway equipment. The inverse proportional pressure control (IPPC) allows the speed of a hydraulic cooling fan motor to be controlled independent of engine speed and load. When coupled with an X20 pump, the IPPC provides accurate and efficient control of fan power. Inputs from individual temperature sensors or the vehicle’s CAN bus are used to manage total vehicle cooling and enable engine after-treatment requirements to be well-matched.The remote pressure control is important for applications where frequent pressure adjustment is required due to varying loads. This control works in conjunction with a remote relief valve placed outside the system that can be manually or electronically adjusted when the system needs a change in working pressure. If dual-pressure settings are required for two different work circuits, two parallel relief valves can be used in combination with a two-way valve. Common applications requiring this functionality include mobile crushers and screens, and forestry recycling chippers.“With these new control options, equipment manufacturers can now rely on X20 piston pumps to improve efficiency within fan drive systems and applications needing frequent pressure adjustments,” said Sonya Anderson, Eaton’s mobile open circuit piston pump product manager. X20 piston pumps come in three frame sizes (220, 420, and 620) encompassing seven displacements from 28 to 98 cc/rev. A rear-port option for all displacements makes the pump compatible with a wider range of configurations.For more information on Eaton’s X20 series pumps, including descriptive videos, click here.