Fluid Power – Heavy Duty Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

SMA Motors

“SMA” Fluid Power Motors heavy-duty radial piston/eccentric configuration, offering excellent life. Withstands high mechanical and hydraulic shock loads. 350bar Continuous pressure rating. Speed & power ratings significantly greater than standard HTLS motors. Displacements from 120 to 16,400 cm3/rev.



  • Radial pistol eccentric design
  • Displacement 100cc – 16,000 cc/rev
  • Continuous pressure 350 Bar
  • Fixed displacement
  • High power
  • High speed
  • Freewheel capability
  • Two speed option

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Company Profile

Rotary Power Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Engines Ltd, a privately owned British-engineering company. Employing approximately 800 people, the company has its headquarters located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Rotary Power’s main activities include the design, development and manufacture of high quality hydraulic pumps and motors. Products supplied comprise the following:

  • High torque radial piston motors
  • Radial piston cam motors
  • Axial piston hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Axial piston chemical metering pumps.



Head Office
Rotary Power Limited
St. Peters
Newcastle upon Tyne

+44 (0) 191 276 4444
+44 (0) 191 276 4462

E-Mail: enquiries@rotarypower.com


Rotary Power Inc.
6009 West 41st Street
Suite 1A
Sioux Falls
SD 57106

+1 (605) 361 5155
+1 (605) 362 1949

E-mail: info@rotarypower.com

DE  Germany

Rotary Power
Vertriebsgesellschaft mBH
Nordstrasse 78
52078 Aachen-Brand

+49 (0) 241 955190
+49 (0) 241 9551919

E-mail: info@rotarypower.de

Fluid Power – Rotary Actuators

We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of premium quality fluid power Rotary Actuators, which are known for delivering highly efficient performance. Our Rotary Actuators are fabricated from high grade alloys, metals and upgraded raw materials. We assure durability and long life for our each Rotary Actuators. We are providing these Rotary Actuators at affordable price range.

Rotary Actuators


  • High Performance
  • Quality Fabrication
  • Economical

Piston Vulcanized NBR 80 shore rubber block on steel core with incorporated permanent magnet NBR 80 shore rubber block withoit magnet polus rear spacer.
Seals NBR 80 shire rubber
Cushion adjustment screws Nickel Plated Steel
Rotating angle adjustmentassy Nickel Plated Brass
Technical Characteristics

Fluid Filterd and preferabely lubricated air
Max Pressire 10 Bar
Working Temperature -5o ÷+ 70o
Standard Rotation 90 o – 180 o – 360 o
Rotating angle adjustment ±10 o
Bore 32 40 50 63 80 100
Torque moments Nm/bar 0,9 1,7 2,9 5,55 13,2 23,8
Axis load max. Kg. 8 10 10 12 18 22
Cushioning Angle 60 o 60 o 50 o 50 o 40 o 40 o


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Contact Person : Mr. T. V. Mohan
Address : 199, M.T. H Road, S.B.I Building, Padi
City : Chennai
State : Tamil Nadu
Country : India
Pin Code : 600050
Phone : +91-44-26358685
Fax : +91-44-26458685
Email Address : mohanoriental@yahoo.co.in
Mobile : +91-9840173846
Web Site : http://www.orintalpneumatics.com

Precision Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators - Modular Automation Components

Fluid Powered Actuator -01

  1. End blocks either anodized or electroless nickel plated with mounting holes
  2. Case hardened and ground shafts
  3. Shock absorbers (except LA-1)
  4. Adjustable stopscrews for end-of-stroke
  5. Flat body design
  6. Stop sensing capabilities
  7. Chrome plated cylinder rods and long life seals
  8. Counterbores or tapped holes in end plates for mounting other components
  9. 4 linear ball bearings with rod seals on all actuators
  10. Tapped and through holes for ease of mounting
  11. Removable and repairable cylinder
  12. Anodized aluminum body and bearing blocks

Fluid Powered Actuator Valve Body

Barrington’s Tuff Series provides a rugged, simple, good value solution for your automation or material handling needs. Engineered for long lasting cycle life with an eye on value, these slides re a perfect solution.

  1. Precision Ground Stainless Guide Shafts
  2. High Performance Polymer Bushings
  3. Hardcoat Anodizing Insures Longer Cycle Life
  4. Cylinder Bore Roller Burnished for Smooth Operation, Additional Surface Hardness and Long Cycle Life
  5. Stainless Piston Shaft

See Linear Actuator Specifications and Drawings

Barrington Automation pneumatic linear actuators feature precise stroke adjustment and high repeat accuracy. Engineered and manufactured for reliability and precision in production environments, linear actuators are available in a wide range of stock strokes and sizes. Custom stroke lengths are available. Contact us for your more information.

Shock absorbers decelerate the load at the end of stroke. Adjustable stop screws allow fine adjustments in stroke length and are used with available switches to provide end-of-stroke sensing.

Barrington Automation
9116 Virginia Road
Lake In The Hills, IL   60156
847-458-0900 FAX 847-458-0934
Email to info@barringtonautomation.com

MXH 60 Pneumatic Linear Actuator

Image of MXH 60 Pneumatic Actuator The MXH Series linear actuator features a design utilizing an internal pneumatic drive for movement.  The body is constructed from an anodized aluminum profile and is corrosion resistant; allowing this unit to operate in severe environments.  The linear actuator’s outer surfaces are precision extruded, providing for flush mounting on both sides and the base to facilitate a qualified, clean and easy installation.  T-slots along its full length on both sides allow for the unit to be mounted in numerous orientations with ease and for ancillary items; such as sensors, to be mounted directly to its body.

Linear motion is provided by an internal air cylinder with a Ø40 mm (Ø1.57 in) piston.  A thrust force of 754 N (169.5 lbf) can be generated with 6 bar (87 PSI).  Pneumatics provide for high speed, moderate force and high acceleration while maintaining accurate positioning.

Linear guidance is through cam roller bearings integrated on the carriage which run on hardened and ground profile rails.  The profile rail and bearing design provide high rigidity, accuracy and speed with low friction, noise and vibration for the carriage.

The MXH linear actuator excels in harsh environments of several different industries. Food and Beverage, vertical applications, pick and place, packaging, automotive, and medical are all examples where the MXH actuator has a proven track record.

Features include:


  • Stroke lengths up to 5 m (196 in)
  • Maximum single carriage loads up to 2200 N (495 lbf)
  • Maximum moments up to 400 Nm (295 lb•ft)
  • Speeds up to 5 m/s (196 in./s)
  • Repeatability ± 0.05 mm (± 0.002 in)

Anodized Aluminum Housing & Carriage

  • Anodized aluminum body with integrated pneumatic drive:
    • Size 60 = 60 mm x 70 mm (2.36 in x 2.75 in)
  • Fully enclosed housing with integrated round guide rails
  • Precision extruded profile—precision mounting surfaces on sides and bottom
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be used as part of a system structural component

Cam Roller Guided Rail system

  • Angular contact ball bearing Cam Rollers
  • Hardened and ground profile rail
  • High rigidity and accuracy
  • Low friction and high speed
  • Low noise and vibration

Pneumatic (air) Driven

  • Ø40 mm (Ø1.57 in) piston – internal to body
  • Thrust of 754 N (169.5 lbf) @ 6 bar (87 PSI)
  • High repeatable positioning
  • Long travel length
  • Low maintenance

T-slots for mounting

  • Integrated in housing for fixing ease and compactness
  • Integrated in carriage for fixture or plate mounting
  • Direct sensor mounting on body

Accessories & Additional Options

  • Actuator mounting clamps
  • Limit switches & brackets
  • Several carriage options
  • Extended length carriage
  • Cable carrier

PBC Linear | 6402 Rockton Road, Roscoe, IL 61073 | P. O. Box 6980, Rockford, IL 61125-6980 | Toll-Free (888) 389-6266 | Fax: (815) 389-5790

Fluid Power – Quote With Confidence – Web Based, “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders!

Fluid Power - Rupe Hydraulic Repair Estimator - Logo

Visit our Website

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Program

San Marcos, CA — The new “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders program from Rupe Corporation, gives consistent, “Best Price” estimates for hydraulic cylinder repairs from a basic resealing to a complete rebuilding. This comprehensive web based program will work on any desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet with internet access. Web based, there is no software to install, however labor rates, material costs, and cost of supporting services (i.e. Chrome plating) can be personalized for each subscribing company.

The “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders program lets a sales person in the field quote with confidence and provide potential customers a consistent, accurate quote on-the-spot in minutes and immediately e-mail the estimate with detailed pricing right from their laptop.

To set up or individualize the program, “shop rates” (labor, material, and overhead) of the subscriber’s company and “shop rates” of vendors, such as chrome platers, are entered and stored. Already in the data base are all the tasks and the time and materials to complete each task, related to the repair of a hydraulic cylinder. To fine tune the program based on experience, an efficiency adjustment can be made to refine the quote process even further for a particular subscriber’s company.

Using “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders program is easy. Using a preprinted cylinder evaluation sheet a sales person, or shop personnel takes basic measurements of the cylinder, notes the condition, checks off the appropriate repairs needed, logs on and enters the information into the program, and in seconds has a accurate, detailed quote. The work sheet can be attached to the cylinder and is the identifier and guide for shop personnel.

Who should be using “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders program? Hydraulic cylinder repair facilities, with this program can offer more accurate quotes and improved service. Companies that lease or rent equipment with hydraulic cylinders, and companies with large numbers of trucks and off road equipment equipped with hydraulic cylinders can use this program to control costs, make timely decisions such as repair or replace, and analyze quotes from repair facilities.

The low cost of the program is based on the number of new quotes created each month by a subscriber company. A Return-On-Investment calculator highlights the real value of using this program compared to working up a quote from scratch using a pencil and paper. Features also include: A “ToolBox” including a calculator, metric converter, and a data base of Cat® cylinders by part number, recommended vendors, and rebuild instructions.

The benefits of using “Hydraulic Repair Estimator”TM for Cylinders program are: Easy to use, customers will view estimates with confidence, reduce time in getting estimates to potential customers, reduces overhead by reducing time needed to produce quotes, ability to offers quotes On-the-Spot 24/7/365, no over or under quoting, and have greater insight into costs and efficiency.

The Rupe Corporation has been in the hydraulic repair industry since 1976 developing one of the largest repair facilities in the western United States. In 2005 Rupe Corporation took on the task of developing and researching innovative projects that would benefit the hydraulic industry and their customers. One of those projects was a program to bring a pricing standard to the repair of hydraulic cylinders and other components. Drawing on many years of experience rebuilding hydraulic cylinders Rupe Corporation was able to develop a program that is simple to use, quick, accurate, consistent, and sets an honest standard for repair facilities and consumers.

For additional information contact Jack Rupe at: Rupe Corporation, 585 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd; Suite C; San Marcos CA; 760-815-1620 or E-Mail: rupecorp@gmail.com or visit the website at http://www.hydraulicsrepairestimator.com

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