Innovative Fluid Power Application – ACE Dampers And Safety Bumpers Absorb Forces In Motion Simulators

Innovative Fluid Power Application – Industrial Shock Absorbers

innovative fluid power application





Innovative Fluid Power Application – E2M engineers needed a way to absorb these forces and avoid structural damage in the event of an emergency stop. Here’s how the company found an innovative solution in profile dampers and safety bumpers from ACE Controls.

Fluid Power – Dampers And Bumpers Provide Maximum Safety

Because E2M’s motion systems need to be able to support several tons, ACE engineers recommended a combination of two products-profile dampers and safety bumpers from the TUBUS TA and TC families, respectively.

TUBUS TA profile dampers provide high energy absorption up to 73% between 2 and 2,951 Nm. Made out of copolyester elastomer, these compact components provide consistent damping in a variety of applications.

TUBUS TC safety bumpers, also made of copolyester elastomer, were developed for crane systems and meet OSHA and CMAA international industry standards. As such, these rugged components provide high energy absorption up to 64% between 450 and 17,810 Nm-even in emergency stop situations.


innovative fluid power application - from ace

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