Fluid Power – Pneumatic Valve Body

Fluid Power - Pneumatic Valve Body

Valve series VTUB-12

For general and classic

fluid power applications

New: bus node CTEU for simple, direct and low-cost networking


  • Fieldbus technology with bus node CTEU: fewer I/O on the PLC, installation time reduced by up to 35%
  • Excellent price/performance ratio: no extra cost, but more intelligent than multi-pin plug solution – plus basic diagnostics
  • New: fast troubleshooting thanks to LED signal status display on the sub-base
  • New: variant with detenting manual override
  • M8 connection and protective circuit for individual valves
  • “Plug-in”-capable individual sub-base
  • Selector plate: external pilot air for emergency stop circuits and precision-pulsed switching


Technical data
Valve function 3/2 NC
3/2 NO
5/2 single solenoid
5/2 double solenoid (2 valve positions)
Design Poppet valve
Temperature range [°C] -5 … +60
Flow rate [l/min] 400
Operating pressure range [bar] 2.8 … 8
Power consumption [W] 1
Protection class IP65
Tube push-in connectors QS4 and QS6 in straight or angled design
Number of valve positions 2 … 35

Festo USA

For Customer Service

1-800-99-FESTO (800-993-3786)

1-800-96-FESTO (800-963-3786)



For Product Support

1-866-GO-FESTO (866-463-3786)

1-800-96-FESTO (800-963-3786)


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