Fluid Power – Hydraulic Power Unit

Fluid Power  – Power Unit Model 36


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Fluid Power Components




Fluid Power – This power unit has a double acting circuit with SAE#6 (9/16-18) A & B ports. 3 position/4 way modular valve (D03) that can be stacked and combined with other modular options such as piloted check valves, flow control or even port pressure relief. This circuit design also utilize a cartridge check and adjustable relief valve. The magnetic four buttons remote control comes with holder and 6 meter of cable, which has a quick connection at the motor. The gear pump is equiped with a suction screen attach to a 90 deg. elbow inside the tank which comes with a 3/4″ pipe thread breather/dipstick.

Innovative Fluid Power Application – ACE Dampers And Safety Bumpers Absorb Forces In Motion Simulators

Innovative Fluid Power Application – Industrial Shock Absorbers

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Innovative Fluid Power Application – E2M engineers needed a way to absorb these forces and avoid structural damage in the event of an emergency stop. Here’s how the company found an innovative solution in profile dampers and safety bumpers from ACE Controls.

Fluid Power – Piston pumps with a fixed displacement for mobile hydraulics

Fluid Power – Hydraulic Piston Pump 
Fluid Power - Piston Pump

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SAP DIN Optimised is a series of fluid powerpiston pumps with a fixed displacement for demanding mobile hydraulics.

SAP 084, 108 DIN Optimised covers the displacement range 84 and 108 cmᶟ⁄rev. at a maximum pressure of 400 bar. It is a modern, compact pump which meets the market´s high demands on flow performance, pressure, efficiency and small installation dimensions.

Fluid Power – OPTIMAX Pneumatic Linear Slides from PHD

Fluid Power – Pneumatic Linear Slides
OPTIMAX Pneumatic Linear Slides


PHD presents the fluid power Optimax Series OSD Pneumatic Thruster Slide. The Series OSD is a robust linear actuator designed for precision and is ideal for a variety of applications. It is the lower price alternative to the PHD Series SD Pneumatic Thruster Slide, which has more options and longer cycle life. The Series OSD is available in 3/4, 1-1/8, and 2 in bore sizes, and offers standard travel lengths ranging from 1 in to 10 in.

Industrial Safety – Is Your Workplace Safe? Find out with the “Gotcha Stick”!

Industrial Safety – Check Machine Guarding use the FREE “GOTCHA STICK”

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Industrial Safety — Omron introduces the safety Gotcha Stick Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Although not officially adopted by OSHA, the safety “Gotcha Stick” is based on data from “A Review of Machine-Guarding Recommendations,” by Donald R. Vaillancourt and Stover H. Snook of the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Health & Safety. This data redefines the dimensions of the human arm for the purposes of machine guarding. The resulting new stick has been modified to include openings of less than 1/4 inch over the first 1/2 inch distance.

Fluid Power – Linde Hydraulics introduces the next generation of bent axis motors

Fluid Power – Bent Axis Motors

Fluid Power - Air Motor
The new variable displacement motor with bent axis technology (CMV)

Fluid Power – Compact Pneumatic Cylinders – 12mm to 100mm Bore Size

Fluid Power – Compact Air Cylinders – 12mm to 100mm Bore Size




Veljan Hydrair Limited’s competence with pneumatics products spans over 50 years and is old as the company itself. Veljan Pneumatics Private Limited (‘VPPL’) has been set up to bring a new focus and vigour to the Veljan group’s effort in Fluid Power pneumatics. VPPL’s thrust is to both reinvent and expand the existing Veljan line of pneumatics products.

Fluid Power – Application – Best mowing results by compensating the ground contours

Fluid Power – Hydraulic Control Block

Fluid Power - Control BlockHAWE Hydraulik SE, offers a compact, Fluid Power hydraulic control block that reliably and accurately controls the weight of the cutting unit of combine harvesters and mulchers. The user gets the best cutting results with maximum soil protection.

At the beginning of the harvest, the farmer puts the weight of the attached cutting unit on the ground comfortably by the push of a button in the cab.

Fluid Power – Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor

Fluid Power – Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor

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For many years Young Powertech has been manufacturing Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors for our own use and market. Now, after many years of improvements, with the use of new technology, materials, machine tools we have achieved a quality equal or superior to our competitors. We are now offering our products to the open market.

Fluid Power – A KINECHEK precisely regulates the speed or feed rate of moving devices.

Fluid Power – Precisely regulate the speed or feed rate of moving devices.

Fluid Power components
A KINECHEK precisely regulates the speed or feed rate of moving devices. The hardened tool steel high pressure fluid power cylinder used in a KINECHEK has a single adjustable orifice through which all the fluid must be metered. The cylinder is precision mated to an all-metal piston (no sliding seal). This makes the plunger rod on a KINECHEK move smoothly at a constant rate throughout the entire stroke length.